Friday, August 26, 2011

Card R.A.K. Week of 7/25/11-8/1/11

Hello Lovelies,
I wanted to share with you all the name of the recipient of the Card R.A.K. for the above referenced week. That person is Candace
Candace, please send me your mailing address and the card information for the card you would like to receive.
I also told you that I had added a twist to the R.A.K. - we all create cards and you don't need mine of course, I just thought it was a kind gesture and wanted to do something nice for you all as a "Thank You" for your loyalty. So, I put the (2) names for the month of July into a jar and Candace also won the monthly prize. I will do this monthly.
I absolutely love to see people happy and offering "Blog Candy" seems to do the trick here in blog land, however, I want to offer some goodies to those of you who are here supporting and encouraging all of the time. Thanks a million times over all of you that fit into that category and please know that I appreciate you very much.
Many thanks everyone.


  1. Congrats Candace! Shen, I have an award for you on my blog. Please come and pick it up! :)


  2. Congrats to Candace... what a sweet thing to do Shen.. I don't come by to get a prize, I come to see your beautiful creations... BUT a surprise is always fun... hugs

  3. Thanks soo much Shen!!! I love visiting your blog to see what you've inspired me to come up with. I am honored to receive your cards!

  4. Shen,
    Your kindness is so great. Congrats to Candace.


  5. I think it is super sweet to give a way a card as a prize. That to me is more special than any other prize someone could give away. I know I for sure have a very difficult time letting go of my pieces of art :) I LOVE this idea!

  6. Congratulations, Candace! She's a sweetheart... as are you! :o) I hope you always know how much of a blessing you are every single day.

    Hugs and blessings! :o)

  7. Congrats to Candace! I sent you an email with my mailing address, Shen. Did you get it?


  8. What a great idea-- Congrats Candace

  9. Congratulations Candace....I think this is a wonderful idea , giving away a are so thoughtful!