Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blog Awards and Special Thanks

Hello Lovelies,
I am playing catch up today, or so it seems.  I would like to thank Amy, Pam and LaKesha for giving me this award.  Amy is one of the nicest ladies that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, even if it is only cyber, she's really kind and super talented, you'll love her and her creativity. Pam is the sweetest, she is so nice and thoughtful, she just warms my heart.  I love visiting Pam, she always has an adorable project, an idea, a thought, or super kind words to share, she is amazing. LaKesha is such a generous and genuinely adorable person...she is my motivator when I'm slacking - lol. She creates the most elegant her. These ladies are very talented and so super sweet. Please take a moment to go visit them, you'll definitely be inspired and very glad that you did. I am not going to bore you by listing things about me, because I think I tell you ladies something about me in every post, how boring, I know - lol. I am giving this award to the following awesome ladies:

1. Lisa
2. Amy
3. Kellie
4. Kelly
5. Kim
6. Pam (I have to give it back).
7. LaKesha (I have to give it back).
8. Amy (I have to give it back).
I also received an award from Kim and LaKesha. Now, I have to tell you something about these two awesome ladies...Kim is such a sweetie, she makes me smile everytime I visit her blog or she leaves a comment, she is just a really nice person and you definitely want to get to know her, she's amazing.  LaKesha, is just as sweet as can be, she motivates me, we are a lot alike in many ways, and she'll always leave me a comment that makes me want to create more. I think she is just wonderful and if you haven't met her, you are definitely missing out. Please visit these two ladies, they ROCK! Again, I'm not going to bore you with things about me. I am however going to give this award to some special ladies. I would give it to the same people above but they know I adore them and they are FABULOUS, so I'm going to give this award to some new people that might not know how FABULOUS I think they are. So, without further delay, here we go...
7. Kim (I have to give it back).
8. LaKesha ( I have to give it back).

Also, I want to thank Kate, she is a really nice and talented lady also. I had the privilege of winning Blog Candy on her blog, so thank you so very much Kate.

A special thank you to Mollie, another super talented and very nice lady. I won Blog Candy on her blog as well...thank you Mollie, I had a lot of fun visiting you and thanks for such an awesome opportunity.

I do apologize for the super long post but this was important. Thanks again for the visit.


  1. Congratulations on your awards Shen! They are so deserved- you do have a super stinkin cute blog! And you are such a great blog buddy! Thank you for passing back to me- You are so sweet!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on your so-deserved awards, Shen and THANK YOU so much for thinking of me!! I am so honored! I will definitely add this to my blog with pride! I hope you are having a great weekend my friend and resting up from your trip :)


  3. Congratulations Shen on your rewards and winning candy too. You are just the sweetest :) Thank you for giving back to me. I am very blessed and appreciative of your kindness. Hugs, Pam at

  4. Congratulations on your awards, Shen! And thank you for awarding me with the Stinkin' Cute Blog Award. So sweet of you. :)


  5. I Shen, I saw your name and I was like, YEAH!! You deserved it darlin'! Congrats! thanks so much for this award!! I love it!

    Congrats everyone else to on getting this award from Shen!


  6. Congratulations Shen on your award. Your blog is Stinkin Cute and your creations are beautiful and I thank you so much for passing it on to me. Your a sweet blogger friend.


  7. Congratulations and Thank You so much Shen.Love you for thinking of me! Nice to have you back and posting with vigour!

  8. You are so sweet! Thank you for thinking of me!


  9. Congratulations to one and all on receiving this award.

  10. Oops! I visited earlier and didn't notice that I was a recipient. Wow, thanks for sharing it with me.