Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blog Candy

Hello Lovelies,
I want to share some "Blog Candy" with you today.  I was going to wait until we reached 100 Special Friends, but patience isn't something that I have a lot of, unfortunately. The saying goes that GOD will give you the desires of you heart and he has done this for me with regard to this hobby. I am doing this give-a-way now because he has blessed me with some opportunities upcoming that I never thought possible, not for me and this craft. I never thought I was good enough. Anyhoo, I really appreciate you all and I hope you all win.  Eventhough, I know that only one of you will.  You all have been so nice and supportive, it amazes me.  I really try to create worthy projects, I started this blog without knowing very much and was purchasing everything I saw without regard to my personal style. I was trying everyone else's style but my own. Now that I've decided to do "ME" you all visit and leave comments that say such super cool and nice things. I practice all the time because I want to be good enough.  Sorry that I got long-winded but I truly wanted to share a little piece of my story with you today.
Thanks a million times over.
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I will select a prize recipient on Friday, July 1, 2011. Thanks again.


  1. Shen I am already a follower and congrats on your voyage of discovery and friendship in blogland. May you have many happy hours crafting.

  2. I am already a follower!! Thanks for sharing you crafts!!
    sierrababy08 at hotmail dot com

  3. Wow, that is some giveaway! And you do create very worthy projects!! Don't ever doubt yourself, you have a great personal style- "remember to be yourself,everyone else is taken" I am already a follower :)Amy

  4. What an awesome giveaway, Shen!! And oh my gosh, you DEFINITELY create worthy projects - they are all so creative and unique and absolutely beautiful! Don't ever doubt yourself - you are amazing! I'm so happy I met you in blog land and you know I love visiting you :)


  5. What a Great giveaway! I'm so glad you found your own style!!! I don't know what it was before but you are fabulous now:) Thanks so much for the chance to win:) Good Luck reaching 100 followers! I'm sure it won't be long!

  6. Great Blog Candy! Congrats on the new followers!

  7. Shen, I am proud to be joining you during this journey of "self discovery" when it comes to your style of crafting...and hun, don't ever underestimate your talent. It is truly amazing and should be shared with the world. It is a talent that will inspire others and allow others to also "find their own nitch" in the crafting world.

  8. Hey I'm so happy for you!!! You are definately one creative lady. I visit your blog almost daily and continue to look forward to what you create next. I read your comment on my blog about a blog hop. I've never done one, but am very interested in particpating. You can contact me at peaches581@hotmail.com.

  9. You are almost there I'm going to congratulate you now It may happen when I'm not looking YOu will hit 200 before you know it. I'm finally getting around to posting the awards you gave me

  10. Shen, Shen, Shen, girl you are very gifted. Please sweetheart never doubt yourself. Even when you are learning and trying new things you are realizing yourself. There is a old saying... "There is nothing new under heaven". I believe that's true, then we all take what is true and tweak it to become us. And you my blog friend are very good, and sweet, and loving, and special! Congratulations on reaching your first goal. Number 2 is not far behind. Love and hugs, Pam at http://craftycards4u2.blogspot.com/

  11. Thanks for the chance to win this lovely candy!!!
    I follow now!Samanta

  12. you are precious and your blog is lovely. i am proud to be your 100th follower! xo

  13. Shen you are doing a great job. We all continue to grow in this craft. So stop doubting your abilities.


  14. I am so glad that we have found each other's site. Your projects are great and every post is different. Thanks for this opportunity to win some gooodies.

    Carson's Creations
    coachfans at cox dot net

  15. Great blog candy. Hopefully I am the lucky one. :) You have been on quite a crafting streak. Love all your projects! I'm already a follower.


  16. I think we all wonder if we are good enough, not only with our art/craft but with everything.
    But once we realize that we are good enough for ourselves, is when we shine.
    I still struggle with this.
    Your blog candy is so yummy :)

  17. I know exactly what you mean about purchasing things here and there, but ultimately, you gotta see what works for YOU. Im very glad this is working for you, and trust us, your projects do rock!! :)

  18. Your style is unique and refreshing! Stay true to yourself and you will be successful. What a giveaway! I'm new to blogging as well and I'm glad we found each other. Keep creating.

  19. Great work! It is all so refreshing. Great Giveaway...yeah! Just so you know I used to blog as playmate54 but I'm using Tempest1954 these days since I have a blog "memascrafts". Like you I am new to blogging but you have inspired me to keep improving. Good luck with your crafts and keep blogging and sharing.

  20. Whoo hoo...I see that you have already reached 100+ followers!

  21. I'm embarrassed to say that I'm a new follower! Embarrassed as I thought I already was one. I guess I have been following you - but just not officially. I'm so sorry that was overlooked!
    Shen, you do have talent. I love to come and see what you've been up to and I LOVE to see your doodling. I haven't doodled much until recently and am experimenting more and more. Thanks for sharing your work and teaching me things while you are at it!

  22. Wow! You've crossed 100 & may you have many more. Enjoy crafting. You surely have the talent.

  23. its a CENTURY! :) congrats shen on inspiring a 100 people with your creative ideas and creations! you will have many more crafters following you in no time 'coz yor truely an ammmazing crafter! :)
    happy to be a part of your "100 followers"
    lots of love from miles away!

  24. Been a follower & am a fellow Texan. Thanks for chance to win some wonderful blog candy.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"